Better Together – Sebright and JWR have partnered to create a two-ram baler

Sebright and JWR have partnered to create a two-ram baler that addresses the needs of processors with input from Schupan.During product development, Sebright Products asked Schupan, which has a plant in nearby Grand Rapids, Michigan, to supply aluminum cans for testing. The company manages billions of beverage containers collected through Michigan’s redemption program. For more […]

Successful Startup of Bright Technologies 1.7 Meter Skid Mounted Belt Press

A municipal wastewater utility in Louisiana had a sludge disposal problem and knew they needed to dewater their sludge to bring their disposal costs down. Without dewatering equipment their only disposal option was to have 5,000 gallon tankers haul their sludge to a land application site for more information on how the Bright Technologies Belt […]

Recycling Equipment for Metal Grinding Swarf

Many Industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Recreational Vehicle and Farm Equipment manufacturing use abrasive grinding processes using petroleum or synthetic cutting fluids and coolants to machine precision parts for their products. These processes create a material commonly known as “Swarf” that is a mixture of metal particles, cutting fluids, cellulose and abrasives from the grinding […]

EPS Densifier Cuts Labor and Disposal Costs for Best Buy

Last year,  Best Buy handled 3.5 million pounds of expanded polystyrene packaging, or EPS.Because it’s bad for the environment – and also extremely  expensive – to dump some 1,750 tons of EPS into landfills, Best Buy began using hot‐melt densifiers to compact the foam into recyclable blocks.

Access China Grant

DCA member company, Sebright Products is once again in the spotlight! Sebright Products applied for and received a portion of an Access China grant that will assist West Michigan small manufacturers in creating a strong export plan in both China and India.

So What Does Being GREEN Really Mean?

Being GREEN at Sebright Products, is to do things in a planned manner with environmental responsibility as a main priority. We have been environmentally responsible since we began manufacturing compactors, over 25 years ago in 1984.

Dewatering – How We Do It

The City of Beaver Dam (Wis.) water and wastewater utilities are pulling closer together, in part thanks to a dewatering system that now handles lime slurry from the water treatment plant but will eventually handle wastewater biosolids, too. Read Full Article Here: Download PDF

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