front load dumper
Hydraulic dumper
front load dumper
Hydraulic dumper

HPV Series Dumpers

6 Cubic Yard Capacity

HPV Series Dumpers are designed for heavy loads from ground level and side dumping/tipping where differences in elevations exist. The two hydraulic cylinders are mounted vertically to provide a versatile dumper that can accept carts from the end or the side. These dumpers can lift up to an 84 inch elevation, available as a free standing unit or anchored to other equipment for space savings. These dumpers are well suited for either end or side cart entrance.

5 Year WarrantyCommon Applications:

  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Casino’s

Designed For Large Carts Containing:

  • Industrial Refuse
  • Office trash
  • Basic waste streams


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