Balewulf Line of Balers

The BaleWulf Line of Balers is a joint effort between Sebright Products, Inc. and JWR, Inc to solve some of the largest issues and drawbacks recyclers have with using a closed door baler.

The  result is an extremely well-built line of balers with a focus on safety and ease of use. These are not your typical closed-door balers, the BaleWulf Line of Balers 4560 and 7060 Stretch are built to run a wide variety of materials. Everything from common applications like OCC, plastics, and paper products to harder to bale commodities like roll cores, tires, and nonferrous metals the BaleWulf can bale it!


Clear Lexan Polycarbonate rear panels with an ultra-bright industrial LED work light comes standard on all BaleWulf models. With this feature users are able to perform a visual inspection without the need for lockout-tagout procedures. Utilizing light weight Lexan panels and a bright work light provides a clear advantage in routine maintenance.


The ground-breaking feature of the BaleWulf is the Through the Door Wire Feed System, that accepts both quick lock and looped end wire. This system allows the operator to feed and tie off wires from one location, standing at the door of the baler.


Never before seen in the Baler industry, this is a safer and more economical design that traditional balers.


The integrated piercer is one of the key innovations of the BaleWulf. This design clears the wire channels in the ram face and guides the wires through, allowing for a quick bale tie off.  The Teeth of the piercer bolt on for easy replacement. By eliminating the need to be on top of the baling chamber to clear the channels, the safety advantages of the piercer cannot be understated.


The progressive shear is made from T1 Tool Steel (A514), a material that is extremely tough and allows the blades to keep their cutting edges far longer than a typical cold rolled steel shear blade. The progressive design utilizes a tapered cutting edge and serrated blade that decreases the surface area in contact with the materials, which allow for more recyclables to be sheared at once.

BaleWulf Baler

BaleWulf Line of Balers

With a revolutionary design the BaleWulf can achieve maximum bale weights with minimum HP and PSI. Safety is just one of the areas where the BaleWulf pulls away from the pack, with the usage of a vertical interlocking door and through the door wire feed system. Other key features like an optional pneumatic clean out system and integrated piercer help keep the wire guides clear of debris and saves time on tying off the bale.

Baler Specification Table

Balewulf Balers Spec table

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Two Ram BaleWulf Baler

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