Container Dogs Spring Loaded Retainer Systems

Want to keep your drivers on the road instead of having to clean up spillage during container/compactor separation? Do you have debris falling out of the back of the receiver? Then you need the Sebright Products all new patent pending Spring Load Retainer System!

Achieve higher payloads when using the Spring Loaded Retainer System with your existing containers.

“These teeth hold the debris, cardboard, trash, and wood in the container, saving us considerable time in clean up, saving approximately 15 minutes per service on a receiver in clean up. The return on investment on the container teeth is very quick due to eliminating the extra clean up.” – Customer Testimonial

Sebright Products offers:

  • Retro fit kits for existing container fleets **
  • Teeth are applicable to all materials
  • Able to customize teeth and spacing for specific materials.

**It is the end user’s responsibility to make sure their container door can handle the added weight of the teeth.

container teeth spring loaded


Container Dogs Spring Loaded Retainer System

Spring Loaded Retainer system Wood Pallet Destruction case study

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