Consumer Beverage Waste Water Pre-Treatment Plant Case Study


  • Consumer Beverage Waste Water Pre-Treatment Plant


  • Aerobic Digested Sludge
  • .5% -.75% Solids

Problems & Challenges

  • Very Difficult Sludge to Dewater due to Low Bulk Solids and Process Issues
  • Existing 1.5 Meter Press Single Belt Unit Process Rate of 8 – 12 GPM is Too Slow to Effectively Remove Sludge from the Plant
  • Free Water Visible in the Roll Off Container Containing “Dewatered” Cake
  • Cake Solids Too Low (4-8%) and the Landfill is Threatening to Reject the Loads
  • Expensive Liquid Hauling had to be Used to Supplement Belt Press Dewatering
  • Owner Desired to Dewater Only One Shift per Day (or Less)
  • Sludge will Flow Over the Roll Off Container Walls when the Driver Tilts it to Load
  • No D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen) in the Liquor (Sludge) because of Slow Solids Removal

Solution: Pilot Testing, Equipment and Support from Bright Technologies

  • Bright Lab Tested the Sludge and Pilot Tested at the Customers Site to Confirm Lab Results and Establish “Real World” Parameters for System Design and Sizing.
  • Pilot Test Revealed that our 0.8 Meter Dual Belt Press could do >30GPM at 15% Cake Solids
  • A Complete System was Designed, Manufactured, & Delivered
  • Bright Assisted in Polymer Testing and Evaluation
  • Bright Trained the Owner’s Operators and offered valuable process assistance.

Old Vs New Equipment Comparison

  • 1.5 Meter Single Belt Press 8 – 12 GPM @ 4 – 8% Cake Solids
  • Bright 1.7 Meter Belt Press 80 – 100 GPM @ 14 – 16% Cake Solids


  • Running 8-9 Times the Flow Rate of the Single Belt Press & 6-10% > Solids
  • Sludge Transportation & Disposal Cost Slashed by >50%
  • Can Make Daily Productions Rates Running Only One Shift
  • Meets Landfill Criteria Every Time!
  • Sludge D.O. Levels in the Mixed Liquor (Sludge) Restored to 5 – 6
  • More “Forgiving” of Sludge Variation than the Previous Equipment
  • Bright Technologies Equipment & Support Exceeded the Owners Expectations

Download PDF of Case Study

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