Meat Processing Facility and Waste Water Treatment Case Study


  • Meat Processing Facility Waste Water Treatment Lagoon
  • Lagoons had not been Fully Cleaned in > 20 Years
  • Estimated 35,000,000 Gallons of Anaerobic Waste Activated Sludge


  • Anaerobic Waste Activated Meat Processing Sludge
  • 4 – 6% Solids


  • Sludge build up in the Lagoons was being hydraulically dredged and land applied but it was very difficult to remove enough sludge in the short land application time frame to catch up with annual processing plant sludge generation.
  • Sludge can not be land applied during bad weather and rain which halts dredging.
  • Contract Dewatering was deemed “too expensive” for the huge project.
  • Most equipment suppliers did not offer “hands on” knowledge of how to set up and operate the complete process, from dredging to transportation.
  • Most equipment suppliers were not confident of the throughput that their equipment could provide with the customers sludge under the conditions onsite.
  • Other equipment suppliers did not offer stainless steel construction which the customer preferred for longevity and low reactivity with high and low PH materials.


Equipment and Training from Bright Technologies

  • Two 2.2 Meter Skid Mounted Belt Press custom designed for onsite lagoon work and set up on open trailers for transportation and onsite operation.
  • Bright analyzed the site and suggested a plan for proper equipment usage, placement and coordination that maximized efficiency.
  • Bright trained the owner’s operators and offered valuable process assistance.
  • Bright assisted the customer in selecting an optimum polymer


  • The Sludge was Dewatered at 500 Gallons Per Minute (250 GPM/Unit)
  • Cake Solids ranging from 19 – 22% and were typically >20%
  • Production Rates average over 5 tons D.W.S. per hour (>5000 Lbs per unit)


  • 3-4 year plan which will remove the sludge from the lagoons
  • Dredging and Dewatering taking place in “off season” for land application
  • Huge savings compared to Contract Dewatering
  • Bright Technologies Equipment & Support Exceeded All Expectations
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