Sebright Products WhitePaper: The Oil & Filter Recycler

Sebright’s Oil & Filter Recycler Offers Innovative Customization

Sebright Products Inc. Oil  Filter Recycler offers innovative customization, transforming how oil filters are recycled.

Sebright Products prides itself on being an innovative, results-driven company. A recent example of such innovation is the Oil & Filter Recycler (OFR). A challenge from a customer spurred the machine’s creation: Will Moore of C. Stoddard & Sons felt the oil & filter recycling process needed improvement. The machine he was using at the time consistently broke down and due to poor oil containment design, leaked oil onto the production floor, creating an unsafe work area. It required babysitting and frequent repairs.

Sebright answered the call and designed and manufactured the OFR. The machine features copious benefits, found at every step within the oil recycling process. With such drastic improvements, Moore said C. Stoddard & Sons is now capturing 2.5 times the amount of oil with the same volume the company was processing previously. Additionally, the machine noticeably created a cleaner, safer, and more fluid process.

With the OFR, the process’s inception receives the added benefit of an easy-toload hydraulic cart dumper. When the filters are tipped into the machine, it enters a sorting table and drain crate, which immediately captures residual oil. The sorting table is efficient at assisting the machine operator with sorting and pushing out any foreign items that may be found inside of the dumped drums.

As the filters work their way through the machine, a Metering Scoop Feeder captures a fixed volume of filters. The feeder crushes the filters with nearly 200,000 pounds of force both vertically and horizontally. A 250-gallon capacity catch-pan captures and drains the used oil into the main holding reservoir as the filters are crushed and cubed.

Once compacted, the cubed oil filters exit the machine and travel along a v-shaped chute that continues to capture residual oil. The compacted cubes enter a distribution conveyor when they reach the chute’s top, which allows even distribution within the roll-off container. At this point in the process, the operator can adjust the conveyor so the cubes fall into the container’s middle, left, or right side.

The OFR is transforming how oil filters are recycled. It processes up to 13 barrels per hour and can capture oil twice the amount of competition. Moore said he doesn’t need to extensively monitor the machine and experiences minimal downtime. He’s able to get through more barrels a week and cleaning and maintenance are much easier.

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