Small Waste Water Treatment Plant Case Study


  • Small Waste Water Treatment Plant – Michigan
  • Growing Village with 886 Population per 2000 census
  • Nominal 30,000 Gallon Digester Capacity


  • Aerobically Digested Sludge
  • 1.5 – 2% Solids, Alum Treated

Problems & Challenges

  • The Dated Plant Design uses Drying Beds that are too small and do not work in all weather.
  • Labor and Equipment Cost of Operating Drying Beds (when they could be operated)
  • Sludge Build Up in the Digester which can lead to noncompliant discharges and DEQ fines.
  • Other Dewatering Solutions (I.E. Sludge Box) did not perform to expectations
  • Plant Upgrades still in the Design Stage, Needed a Solution Now

Solution: Pilot Testing, Equipment and Support from Bright Technologies

Monthly Onsite Contract Dewatering from Bright Technologies

  • Bright Technologies negotiated the Solid Waste Hauler and Landfill Fees
  • Bright Technologies pays the Solid Waste Hauler and Landfill
  • The customer pays one monthly bill for this service.


  • Only one day per month required to process with a .8 Meter Trailer Mounted Belt Filter Press
  • Plant Effluent Water used for Belt Wash (Pump Provided by Bright Tech)
  • Belt Press Effluent Returned to Head Works of WWTP
  • 30,000+ Gallons of Sludge = (1) 20 Cubic Yard Container of Dewatered Sludge


  • No Capitol Equipment Costs
  • Plant Operations are Cleaner
  • Labor Costs and Equipment Associated with Drying Beds Not Required
  • Noncompliant Discharges (and Fines) Avoided

Download a PDF of Case Study

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