So What Does Being GREEN Really Mean?

Being GREEN at Sebright Products, is to do things in a planned manner with environmental responsibility as a main priority. We have been environmentally responsible since we began manufacturing compactors, over 25 years ago in 1984. We have and will continue to build our products to exacting specifications that keep our equipment at the forefront of environmentally sound manufacturing.

Sebright Products leads the market in producing environmentally safe equipment, unlike some manufactures that put forth gimmicks, such as solar powered power units that require battery chargers. These units are limited in motor size and compaction force that can be achieved, thus making them “Green Challenged” (Sounds good, but does little), yes they have a solar panel, but what do they really save in energy or environmental impact?

At Sebright, our products are built to be environmentally sound and friendly, below are a few reasons why our products lead the Industry in being GREEN!!!

Fact: Most Roll Off Trucks only get 4-7 miles per gallon, whether they are empty or loaded

Sebright Products pioneered and is the Leader in High Density (Maximum Payload) Compaction. A truly GREEN compactor is one that can consistently achieve legally allowed maximum container payloads.  By keeping container weights at the maximum, we insure that the fewest trips possible will be made to and from the landfill. Thus saving hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of diesel fuel and carbon point emissions over the life of the compactor, as well as making sure that the Green in your wallet, stays where it belongs!

FACT: Standard duty compactors achieve between 3 to 5 tons of refuse in a 40 yard compaction container while Sebright High Density Compactors achieve between 8 to 13 tons in a 40 cubic yard compaction container.

Our power units are built to keep water contamination to a minimum; we use special fill cap risers, that keeps rain or wash water from being drawn in to the reservoir.

FACT: By keeping water from being introduced into the reservoir, hundreds of gallons of replacement oil will be saved over the life of the compactor

By using large capacity oil reservoirs, we reduce the amount of heat build up in the hydraulic oil, thus prolonging the useful life of the oil!

FACT: 30% longer oil life than units that have smaller oil reservoirs.

The use of two wire braided hose by Sebright greatly reduces the chance of a hose bursting.

FACT: The elimination or reduction of hose failures saves those expensive environmental clean ups and reduces the normal amount of replacement oil needed over the life of a compactor.

The use of high efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motors, adds to the longevity of the motor by reducing the amount of contaminants that can get into the motor windings, as compared to the more widely used cheaper, less efficient open drip proof motors.

Another important issue in being environmentally responsible is to manufacture equipment that has no planned obsolescence built into it. Our equipment has a proven record of longevity that is unsurpassed, due to our equipment’s long life; we provide a tremendous GREEN savings of carbon points.

FACT: Equipment that has a much greater life span provides a tremendous savings in energy and materials that has to be expended when a second or third unit has to be built in order to match the life cycle of one Sebright

In addition, Sebright Products has all the known environmentally beneficial “GREEN” components available for those Customers that desire them such as:

Premium Efficiency Motors, Bio Degradable Oil, Oil Containment Pans, High Efficiency Hi/Lo Hydraulic Units that can save up to 50% of the electricity required by a standard compactor of the same size and speed, (first introduced in 1984).

One last FACT: One gallon of diesel fuel saved is the equivalent of 40 kilowatt hours of electricity!

So, when you are looking to be or stay GREEN, add it up,   Sebright is the Leader in environmentally sound manufacturing!!!


Brent Sebright



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