PRECRUSHER COMPACTORS (2.5 - 7 cubic yard chamber capacity):

The Sebright Precrusher offers a 5” steel wall to crush trash against, and with a resultant ram force rating of up to 74 and 113,100#’s of compaction force, waste material is reduced to a fraction of the original volume. The Precrusher is available with the single 7” cylinder or the twin 6” cylinders on models from the 5260 to the 10660, and is engineered to destroy anything placed into the chamber. Rubbish that tends to have memory is completely crushed before being pushed into the container, making it a good solution for product destruction. The Precrusher function can be by-passed when desired, and the Precrusher and regular compaction can be programmed to run at different force settings.

Precrushers are available in a variety of configurations, whether you need to have a free standing unit for loading in the lot with a forklift or pay loader or you need complete security and an enclosure with a drive on deck – plus many other options – Sebright can engineer your installation for your site.


Common Applications: Thrift stores, manufacturing facilities, applications where complete product destruction is desired for brand protection.

Designed For: Product destruction, skids, barrels, crush resistant materials, waste with spring back tendencies.

Product Resources: Precrusher.pdf

Product Images:

  • 10660PC-2-6
  • PC 9860-2-6
  • 9860PC-2-6
  • 9860PC-2-6
  • 9860PC-2-6