Public Water Utility Potable Water Case Study


  • Public Water Utility Potable Water Treatment Facility


  • Hydrated Lime Slurry From Water Softening Clarifiers
  • Incoming Slurry 15 – 25% Solids


  • Land Application Prohibited By State Law
  • pH Range Of 9.0 – 11.0 (Highly Caustic)
  • High Liquid Transport, Solidification & Disposal Costs
  • Needed Immediate Solution Due To Backlog of Material


  • Bright Lab Tested the Customers Slurry and Issued a Report Showing 60-70% Cake Solids are Possible with our Belt Filter Press
  • Bright Pilot Tested at the Customers Site to Confirm Lab Results and Establish “Real World” Parameters for System Design and Sizing.
  • Bright Worked with the Owners Engineers to Develop a System Design
  • Recommended and Provided a 1.7 Meter Skid Mounted Belt Press & Controls
  • Bright Trained the Owner’s Operators and Offered Valuable Process and Operational Recommendations for the Complete Dewatering Process.


  • Only one month required from setup to completion
  • The Sludge was typically Dewatered at over 300 Gallons Per Minute
  • Cake Solids ranged from 18 – 30%
  • Most Residents Were Not Even Aware of the Dewatering Operations


  • Established a Production Rate of 5.0 Tons D.W.S. Per Hour @ 60% Cake Solids
  • Can Fill Customers Roll Off Box in 2.5 Hours!
  • Tested Material, Manufactured and Delivered a Cost Effective, Efficient Solution in Less Than 90 Days from Lab Testing to Operational System
  • Developed Alternative Disposal of Cake as A Construction Aggregate Additive Which Reduced High Transportation & Landfill Disposal Costs
  • Bright Technologies Equipment & Support Exceeded Expectations


Download PDF of Case Study

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