Used & Rebuilt Equipment:

  • Inspection & Replacement of damaged or worn parts
    (Ram Tops, Floors, Cylinders, etc.…)
  • Test & Repair Power Units
  • Sand blast, prime equipment, & finish paint
  • Customizable to location
  • Equipment installation is available

Rebuilt Compactor Advantages

  • Lower cost than new
  • Appearance & function “like new”
  • 6 Month Warranty* (contact us for full details)
  • Drastically reduces down time
  • Popular with rental companies

Why a Sebright Rebuild?

  • Less expensive than continued maintenance on existing compactor
  • Possible trade in value of current compactor
  • Proper disposal of current compactor
  • Opportunity to improve refuse handling
  • Improved appearance of grounds

Tech Support

  • Call Sebright Products, Inc. Service Department for support
  • Save time on troubleshooting
  • Hands on knowledge of equipment

Current Stock of Used/Rebuilt Equipment For Sale