Used & Rebuilt Equipment:

  • Inspection & Replacement of damaged or worn parts
    (Ram Tops, Floors, Cylinders, etc.…)
  • Test & Repair Power Units
  • Sand blast, prime equipment, & finish paint
  • Customizable to location
  • Equipment installation is available

Rebuilt Compactor Advantages

  • Lower cost than new
  • Appearance & function “like new”
  • 6 Month Warranty* (contact us for full details)
  • Drastically reduces down time
  • Popular with rental companies

Why a Sebright Rebuild?

  • Less expensive than continued maintenance on existing compactor
  • Possible trade in value of current compactor
  • Proper disposal of current compactor
  • Opportunity to improve refuse handling
  • Improved appearance of grounds

Tech Support

  • Call Sebright Products, Inc. Service Department for support
  • Save time on troubleshooting
  • Hands on knowledge of equipment

Current Stock of Used/Rebuilt Equipment For Sale

used Model 5260-1-7 with full enclosure

Used Model 5260HD-1-7 with Full Enclosure

Used Sebright Products Model 5260HD-1-7 with full enclosures, factory remanufactured includes new remanufactured serial number with: 15HP power units with remote pressure gauge, hauler boost controls, remote control head included, power unit cover included, Includes 72” wide 800 pound walk on deck with lower and upper enclosure, two windows, safety gate with interlock, roof top [...]