Used Model 5260HD-1-7, base compactor units

Used Sebright Products Model 5260HD-1-7 base compactor units. Remanufactured from the ground up includes new remanufactured serial number (these units are like new). Units have 15HP power units with pressure gauge, hauler boost controls, remote control head, power unit cover, Power unit cover, all weather hydraulic oil features minus 49 degree pour point.

Comes with One (1) year standard warranty, and Two (2) Year frame and ram warranty.

  1. Special Buy $13,900.00 each several units available
  2. Several loading options and configurations as well as installation available contact a Sebright Sales rep at 800-253-0532.

The Used Model 5260HD-1-7 is a highly favored rugged compactor for compacting corrugated material, pallets and paper as well as general trash featuring a large 7” bore cylinder making this Model 5260HD-1-7 a great high density industrial trash compactor for unlimited loading applications including Chutes and various hoppers both rear and side load, full enclosures both walk in and drive in capabilities which will also work great with cart dumpers or a variety of other custom applications.Ideal for compacting items with spring back or memory such as corrugated cardboard.

The Sebright Used Model 5260HD-1-7 stationary compactor is one of the industrial models, designed for tough waste streams such as small donation centers and thrift stores, recycle centers, and retail applications. Ideal for compacting items with spring back or memory such as corrugated cardboard.

Common Applications:

  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Chain stores
  • Major manufacturing plants
  • Donation centers
  • Commercial and industrial locations

Designed For:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Recyclable materials, skids, crates, white goods, small furniture, plastics, wood trim, building materials

Be sure to visit our Stationary compactors page so see all our models available. Each unit is American made, designed and built by our people, for you.

Used 5260HD-1-7