Waste Water Treatment Lagoon Case Study


  • Waste Water Treatment Lagoon – Michigan
  • Village Lagoons had not been Cleaned in 35 Years
  • Estimated 3,000,000 Gallons of Anaerobic Sludge


  • Anaerobically Digested WWTP Sludge
  • 2 – 6% Solids


  • Sludge build up in the Primary Lagoon was transferring to the polishing lagoon and threatened to cause noncompliant discharges and DEQ fines
  • Residents were concerned about Odors and Noise of Operations
  • The Village wanted a Solution that was Turn Key and could be Implemented Quickly


Contract Dewatering from Bright Technologies

  • 2.2 Meter Skid Mounted Belt Press, Sludge Grinder, Dredge and Mixing Tank.
  • Bright Technologies handled all lab testing, transportation and disposal.
  • Bright analyzed the site and developed a plan for proper equipment and placement that minimized noise and odors.


  • Only one month required from setup to completion
  • The Sludge was typically Dewatered at over 300 Gallons Per Minute
  • Cake Solids ranged from 18 – 30%
  • Most Residents Were Not Even Aware of the Dewatering Operations


  • Job Completed On Time and Under Budget
  • Noncompliant Discharges (and Fines) Avoided
  • The Village Saved Over $50,000 Compared to a Comparable Competitive Bid

Download PDF of Case Study

skid mounted belt filter presses