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Sebright Products & Bright Technologies

Sebright Products is well-known for our line of compactors, which are designed to compress waste materials into smaller, more manageable units. Our compactors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different applications, from small businesses to large industrial facilities.

Belt Filter Press Rental

Bright Technologies Belt Filter Presses are versatile machines that find application in a wide range of industries and processes. Our Belt Filter Presses excel in wastewater treatment plants, mining operations, food processing facilities, and chemical industries, offering efficient solid-liquid separation and effective dewatering of sludge or slurry.

Our recycling equipment is designed to handle a wide variety of materials, catering to the diverse needs of the recycling industry. Sebright Products’ recycling equipment is capable of effectively processing materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, glass, EPS, oil filters, and more. Whether it’s balers for compacting recyclables into dense bales, dewatering systems for efficient liquid separation, or custom built compactors for your unique application, Sebright Products offers a versatile lineup of equipment to facilitate the recycling process.

Sebright Products, Inc. and Bright Technologies, the specialty division of Sebright Products, designs manufactures, installs, and services industrial trash/refuse and recyclable waste handling equipment and equipment for dewatering, solidification of wet materials, the de-packaging of containers, and densification of expanded polystyrene foam.

In business since 1984, Sebright Products have taken pride in our products and would consider it a privilege to manufacture your waste handling equipment and recyclable or waste compaction systems. Together the two divisions have a proven track record for superior payloads

Sebright Products and Bright Technologies offer equipment that is designed with quality components fabricated, installed and serviced by us. This assures that you will receive the best quality equipment and service after the sale.


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