Bright Technologies – Testimonials

When we experience issues with our dewatering centrifuges or want to perform periodic maintenance on the units, our preferred solution it to contact Bright Technolgoies for assistance with temporary dewatering. We were pleased to find a company that could respond quickly, and provide us with a high level of service

Mr. Lee Hays
Director of Public Services, City of Hastings, M

We are very impressed with your belt press. The simplicity and ease of operation makes this machine very user friendly.

Mr. Scott Adams
City of St. Mary’s, GA

It was a nice surprise setting this unit up to see how new and well maintained it was. It was really well designed, easy to set up in a matter of hours. Operating it was very efficient and easy. The presses we have used in the past were poorly maintained and several bearings had to be replaced throughout our operation of the unit. Everything was in Top Notch condition with the Bright Press.

Paul Stage
Inland Services

Tom and I felt as though it was important to write you regarding the 1. 7 meter press that we just purchased. We hope that you will commend your staff for doing such a superb job on construction of the press. We are very pleased, not only with the workmanship, but also the manner in which you and your staff worked together with us in design/layout of this unit.

We want to thank you further for providing us with temporary equipment as we waited arrival of the press unit. We know that providing temporary equipment is not something that we could have counted on by other manufactures.

Please know that we will be contacting you regarding future purchases of dewatering equipment for Fluid Technology, Inc.

Again, our sincere thanks to all for a superb job.

John Fontaine
Fluid Technology, Inc.

We are very pleased with the quality of your products and service, and the professionalism of your Company.

Olive Paradise
Chelsea Catering

The High Density Extruder has been a very bright spot for us in our recent expansion.

William Boettcher
Green Bay Packaging

I highly recommend Sebright Products/Bright Technologies for the supplier of choice for Wet Waste Dewatering Equipment.

Keith Higgins
Minas Basin

Operation has been very reliable and.has met all the performance specifications the manufacturer indicated.

Steve Scott
Menasha Corporation

We are extremely pleased with the performance of our 4030X High Density Extruder.

Charles Feghali
United Corrstack

The unit has out performed all expectations, Day in and day out the solids are in the 70% range.

Keith Huggins
Minas Basin Pulp & Power