Skid Mounted Belt Filter Presses

Bright Technologies offers complete Belt Filter Press dewatering systems that are skid or trailer mounted. We design and manufacture the skid equipment package for high throughput, low maintenance, superior cake solids and ease of operation.

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About the Skid Mount Belt Filter Presses


Our skid mounted Belt Filter Presses are designed with long term value and ease of operation in mind.

Simply stated, we don’t “Skimp” on the design or ancillary equipment for these systems. We know any system is only as good as its weakest component. Besides our patented Bright Technologies Belt Filter Press, we also provide superior sludge conditioning and better support equipment than others along with the controls needed to optimize the dewatering process.

Our controls are fully integrated and only Bright gives you an operator control where you need it, at the gravity deck. The operator can adjust the belt speed, sludge pump speed and polymer concentration as well as adjust timers etc… from either the gravity deck or main operator control panel.

Stainless Steel frame and roller construction are standard. An Allen Bradley tm touch screen and PLC integrate the press and support equipment so that unattended operation and integration into SCADA systems are easily accomplished. The optional Belt Filter Press mounted operator walkways and handrails are easily removable for Belt Filter Press maintenance and allow the operator good visibility of the process.

To sum it up, with Bright Technologies you get more than just superior equipment, you get knowledgeable people that care about your success. We use the same great components on our skid systems that we use on our rental fleet, therefore, you can be confident that we can support you with knowledgeable advice, and service after the sale.

Do you need a Mobile Dewatering System?

Check out our Trailer Mounted Belt Filter Press Systems.

Do you need dewatering equipment, but it is not in your capital budget?

A Bright Rental might be the answer.

Features and Benefits

Standard Equipment:

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Operator Controls at Gravity Deck
  • Pneumatic Control Panel
  • Wash Water Booster Pump
  • Rotary Lobe Sludge Pump
  • Liquid Emulsion Polymer System
  • Industrial Air Compressor

Skid Mounted Belt Filter Press System Benefits:

  • Pre-Engineered for Reliable Operation
  • Fully Integrated Components for Ease of Control
  • Less Contracted Site Work than Individual Components
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Quick Installation and Commissioning
  • Good Choice for Making Use of Existing Infrastructure such as converted Drying Beds, Storage Buildings, Etc.
  • Belt Filter Press Sizes Offered From 0.6 to 3.0 Meters

Standard Features:

  • Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Skid Construction
  • Walk On Platform Design
  • Non Slip Coated Operator Area
  • Foldout and Removable Non Slip Operator Platforms
  • Stainless Steel Filtrate Sump
  • Four Point Polymer Injection
  • Sludge Retention Manifold
  • 2 Bar Belt Wash System

Product Features

  • Pneumatic Sludge Selector Valves
  • Dual Voltage Operation
  • 120VAC Receptacles
  • 4 Bar Belt Wash System
  • Belt Wash Recycling System
  • Sludge Retention & Mixing Manifold (Better Sludge Conditioning)
  • Discharge Conveyors
  • Sludge Heavy Trap & Grinder
  • Sludge Flow Meter
  • Filtrate Pump & Controls
  • Dual (2) Polymer Systems
  • Batch Tank Polymer System
  • Dry Polymer System
  • Auxiliary Water Pumps
  • 120 Volt, 20 Amp Receptacle
  • Clean Up Hose and Hose Reel
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