Oil Filter Recycler Reclamation System

Rugged, Reliable Operation Sebright Products/Bright Technologies have over 28 years’ experience manufacturing hydraulic equipment and over 20 years with liquids/solids separation technology. The Oil Filter Recycler is a product that exhibits our experience and continuous improvement in these technologies. The Oil Filter Recycler features a 30 HP main motor and a pressure compensated pump that drives 10-inch diameter hydraulic cylinders and provides a smooth reliable operation. This machine can process used oil filters up to 13 barrels per hour and accepts large filters of up to 2-quart capacity down to import car sizes.


Oil Filter Recycler

The oil from an Oil Filter Recycler, is captured in a 250 Gallon collection sump which features removable screen pans to catch O-rings and other debris. The Metering Scoop feeder allows a fixed volume of filters into the machine for each cycle, therefore, minimizes the need to shear through filters and reduces jamming. The standard hopper provides multiple cycles of unattended operation which frees up the operator to perform other tasks.

Complete Systems and Installation; we offer all the accessories needed for a complete oil filter reclamation system. Our optional Hydraulic Cart Dumper is designed to dump both 55-gallon drums and 90-gallon curb carts. The unique dumper Drip Pocket is designed to minimize oil seepage onto your floor. Our Sorting Table features a grate and screen receiving area which allows dumping of carts or barrels with large amounts of oil and filters without creating a mess on the floor. Our discharge chutes feature a V-bottom design that directs residual oil on the filter bricks into the oil sump. Our Optional Roll OFF Distribution Conveyor allows filter bricks to be directed to different areas of a Roll Off Container for better weight distribution. We also offer Roll Off Containers with a Drainage System to make oil recovery easier and faster. We also offer custom Oil Collection Tanks to fit your needs and space requirements.

You will not have to guess about how your system will look, as our engineering department will provide you with three-dimensional approval drawings. Our layout drawings will show our equipment in your building, so that problem areas are identified and work flow can be optimized.

Oil Filter Recycler Base Machine:


  • Simple, Rugged Design
  • Metering Scoop
  • Hopper
  • Pressure Compensated Pump
  • 10 Inch Ram & Crush Cylinder
  • Removable Debris Screens
  • PLC Modem or Ethernet
  • Hydraulic Ram Press Design


  • Low Maintenance, Low Downtime
  • Reduces Shearing & Jams
  • Multiple Cycle Automatic Feed of Filters
  • Smooth Operation & Pressure Control
  • Superior Oil Recovery
  • Cleaner Reclaimed Oil
  • Factory Technical Support
  • Minimum Damage from Foreign Materials

Optional Hydraulic Cart Dumper


  • Safe & Ergonomic
  • Simple, Rugged Design
  • Large Cart Bin
  • Oil Drip Pocket
  • 3HP Hydraulic Unit & Controls


  • Easy to Load, Reduced Back Injury Risk
  • Low Maintenance, Low Downtime
  • Accepts Both Drums and 90 Gal. Carts
  • Reduces Oil Seepage in the Work Area
  • Low Energy Requirement

Optional Filter Sorting Table


  • Bar Grate & Screen Oil Sump
  • Sloped Sorting Area
  • Two Sorting Openings
  • Inclined Hopper Area


  • Screens and Directs Oil, Cleaner Floors
  • Simple Push of Filters into Hopper
  • Easy Sorting of Refuse from Filters
  • Gravity Feeds Filter into the Press

Optional Roll Off Container Distribution Conveyor


  • Roller Conveyor Uses Gravity
  • Operator Adjusted Drop Positions
  • Supported by the Filter Press
  • Long Inclined Chute


  • No Power Needed or Driven Parts
  • Aids in Properly Filling the Container
  • Less Infrastructure Required
  • Aids Oil Drainage & Recovery

Roll Off Containers with Drainage System

Used Oil Filter Recycling

Oil Filter Recycler Features

  • Rugged Construction
  • Several Under-structures Available
  • Oil Drain System
  • Superior Door Seal
  • Custom Designs Available

Oil Filter Recycler Benefits

  • Low Maintenance, Long Life
  • Get the Correct Model for Your Truck
  • Recover More Oil
  • Minimum Leakage
  • Maximize Your Efficiency

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Oil Filter Recycler

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