Portable Compaction Equipment

The portable equipment is used for events, disaster cleanup, construction sites, etc. and can be manufactured in sizes from 2.5 cubic yard to 6 cubic yards chamber capacity.

Portabel Compaction Equipment

Sebright Products introduces portable compaction equipment, for construction or demolition projects. With a gas powered power unit, Sebright Product’s heavy duty construction and packing force of over 76,000 lbs., you can reduce volume and waste hauling cost dramatically, easily moved from site to site to maximize loads from locations where the need is temporary or sporadic.

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Reduce the number of open tops needed in your inventory and the number of trips your roll-off trucks take to the landfill. Save both steel and fuel.

On-site portable compaction equipment saves space and maximizes each container’s capacity minimizing the number of containers needed.

Gas, propane or diesel-powered compactor is fully portable, hauled, with your roll-off trucks. No Electricity needed.

portable compaction equipment
7460 Portable compaction equpment
  • Abrasive resistant floor plate
  • Haulers Override Boost Station
  • Large top opening
  • Auto time cycle
  • Heavy Duty 1/4″ steel hopper
  • Panel mounted controls
  • Load from either side
  • Multi-cycle controls

A) Container full light

B) Ram position switch

C) Safety retract start

CP 7460 HD

CP 7460-2-6

4 cu. yards

4 cu. yards

76,960 lbs. ` Max. Ram Force

113,100 lbs. ~ Max Ram Force

66″ W x  58″ L Clear Top Opening

66″ W x 58″ L Clear Top Opening



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