Food Product / Food Waste

HL Series Dumpers

HL Series Dumpers are designed for moderate loads from ground level where large differences in elevations exist. These dumpers can provide cart dumping up to a 30 foot elevation. These dumpers can be designed to load from the end or side, as the application requires. Standard construction models lift up to 4000 lbs and custom designs […]


Our newest self-contained model, the SC4060 is available in container capacities from 23 to 39 cubic yards, and has dual, crossed, 4” bore cylinders, resulting in 50,200 lbs of pressure. A great choice for higher volume, wet waste applications. A 1,200 gallon sump for excess liquids from the waste stream can be drained before the […]


This mini self-contained with a 15’ skid length and 14 cubic yard capacity was designed for applications where space is limited – a single, 4” bore cylinder offers 25,000 lbs of pressure to insure maximum loads in this little compactor. The clear top opening is 30” x 46” so bagged trash can easily be disposed […]

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