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The EPS Densifier by Sebright Products is a revolutionary solution for managing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), commonly known as Styrofoam™. This equipment addresses the challenge of handling bulky and lightweight EPS, a material widely used but often discarded, contributing to landfill overflow. By utilizing Sebright’s EPS Densifier, EPS can be efficiently compacted without the need for heat, eliminating fumes and significantly reducing energy consumption. Unlike auger-operated equipment, this EPS compactor ensures a seamless operation without jamming issues, enhancing safety and efficiency in the recycling process. With its ability to stack EPS on pallets and achieve trailer load weights to over 40,000 pounds, it transforms loose EPS into a valuable commodity, boosting its market value and reducing transportation costs. Ultimately, the EPS Densifier not only addresses environmental concerns associated with EPS disposal but also offers a financially viable solution by turning disposal expenses into revenue through effective recycling. 

About the Densifiers

The EPS Densifier by Sebright Products is the pinnacle of industrial-grade equipment designed for the efficient compaction of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a material found in various applications from packaging to construction. As heavy-duty “Professional Grade” machines, our EPS Densifiers are meticulously engineered and manufactured in the United States, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability that has been demonstrated since the launch of our original models in 1995. 

Proprietary PLC Operated ADCS (Automated Densification Control System)

The PLC monitors & maintains both the compression ram and the discharge restrictor plate pressures. Proprietary control logic (ADCS) automatically controls the restrictor plate hydraulic pressure to allow expanded polystyrene discharge after compression parameters are attained. Subsequently allowing a wide range of expanded polystyrene material to be processed without operator intervention. Many competing Densifiers have only a manual restrictor plate pressure adjustment which does not compensate for changing foam properties and differences in friction, therefore, results in either low block density or densifier jamming issues unless frequently monitored.

Operating seamlessly and efficiently, the EPS Densifier streamlines the compaction process with a user-friendly interface and advanced features. As EPS material enters the hopper, a sensor detects its presence and relays information to the main control system. Subsequently, the compression ram moves forward, breaking down the EPS into smaller pieces within the compression channel. The press plate then advances, compacting the material into a dense block without the need for heat, thus minimizing environmental impact and energy consumption. 

Our expanded polystyrene Densifiers can operate unattended and as a result, are only limited by the amount of EPS available in the bag hopper and the amount of length for the discharge log of material until it must be stacked. The large feed opening on both the D30 and the D120 Densifier help keep the foam moving and minimize bridging in the bag hopper. The Auto Shear option scores the “log” of EPS block at predetermined lengths allowing less labor and more uniform pallets of material.

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D10 EPS Densifier

D10 Densifier - Up to 120 lbs/hr

Introducing the latest innovation from Sebright Products the D10 EPS  Densifier – Designed with a compact footprint, the D10 is perfect for businesses managing lower volumes of EPS scraps.



D30 Densifier - Up to 300 lbs/hr

The D30 EPS Densifier utilizes an auger force feeder. Tailored for mid range volumes of EPS scraps. Requires a Pre-Breaker and Baghouse. Optional Feed Conveyor, Sorting Table and Discharge Table available. 

D120 EPS Densifier

D120 Densifier - Up to 1,200 lbs/hr

The D120 EPS Densifier, our largest model, utilizes a force feeder. Designed for large distribution center, recycling centers, the automotive industry, furniture manufacturers, and more. Requires a Pre-Breaker and Baghouse. Optional Feed Conveyor, Sorting Table and Discharge Table available. 

Features and Benefits

Stacked EPS Blocks - Sebright Products
EPS Densifiers

Benefits Include:

  • Densified Expanded Polystyrene Foam full truckload weights *
  • Up to 1200 lbs. per Hour**
  • Heavy Duty / Low Maintenance
  • Integral Dust Collection Port
  • Sealed Design/ Clean Operation
  • Two Line Operator Display
  • PLC Modem for Remote Support
  • Automated Density Control System
  • Consistent EPS Discharge
  • No Heat Is Applied
  • Does NOT Melt EPS
  • Automatic Discharge Shear Option
  • No Odors
  • Low Labor Requirement
  • Low Energy Requirements


PBX2 Pre-Breaker

Consider a PBX2 Pre-Breaker—an optional addition to your EPS Densifier system. Featuring a wide 54-inch removable hopper, the Pre-Breaker efficiently accepts large pieces of EPS, ensuring smooth processing. Equipped with dual direct drive 7.5 HP gear motors, our unique spiral pattern chipping rolls can handle EPS at speeds of up to 2,000 cubic feet per hour. 

For enhanced efficiency, an auxiliary 3HP blower is included. Designed for convenience, the PBX2 Pre-Breaker comes prewired and skid-mounted, featuring integral fork pockets for quick setup. 

Need to sort your EPS?

Looking for a streamlined EPS sorting process? Our Pre-Breaker Feed Conveyor is the ideal solution for handling smaller EPS materials. Paired with a sorting table (32 inches or higher), employees can effortlessly transfer clean products onto the conveyor while diverting foreign materials into a designated bin. 

Optional Equipment Includes:

  • Automated Block Shear
  • Discharge Table
  • Bag House Assemblies
  • Blower Systems
  • Foam Pre-Breaker
  • Pre-Breaker Feed Conveyor

Ideal for Industries

Furniture Manufacturer

Foam Manufacturer



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