Self-Contained Compactor and container combined

The Sebright Self-contained compactor is a compactor and container combined into a single efficient unit that has a built in sump with up to 1,200 gallons depending on the model,  it is designed to reduce in volume refuse that is wet.

Sebright Products Self Contained Model 4060 compactor

Self-Contained Compactor Lineup

The Sebright self-contained compactor lineup was created to reduce waste volume and decrease transportation costs through densification of material. Also known as compaction.  With the compactor physically welded to the container to create one leakproof unit all on the same mobile platform/skid, liquids are contained as required, and as a result,  conform to environmental regulations.

Self-Contained Compactor Charge Chamber

Although, the most popular capacity systems will be a of a nominal 30, and 35 cubic-yard designs, at the same time, other sizes are available to fit unique job-sites and tight space requirements.  For instance, depending on the largest size of material being loaded into the compactor, we offers five (5) different charge chamber openings to accommodate the “size of the largest item, and volume of waste being loaded”.  Our Customers with successful  use of the self-contained compactor, utilize our low-profile Model SC-4260-1-6 featuring a 36” x 60” charge chamber opening, or the 40” x 60” opening of our SC-4060-2-4.

Optional Add-ons

Self-contained compactors can receive fabricated options like a walk-on, or stationary drive-on deck, and a total steel enclosure can surround the deck if needed for a dock location installation, to increase safety and shield employees from the elements.  A hydraulic cart dumper/tipper system can be added to improve ergonomics.  Another option, for example, could be a security chute with a door assembly to accommodate a hole in the wall, or a freestanding self-contained compactor including an enclosed hopper with side door and safety interlock, as another popular installation.  To sum it up, Sebright self-contained compactors can be customized here at the factory to fit your specific job-site, your logistics, and your method of loading waste material.


  • Compactor/Container in one unit
  • Up to 41 second cycle time
  • Key operated for added security
  • 10 HP power unit is energy efficient along with 12 gmp pump for high performance
  • Ratchet latch tightens against door seal and insures tight seal
  • Operator Station includes: Safety key lock, pull to start, push to stop, & full container light
  • UL listed
  • Heavy duty hinge
  • Primed and painted in several colors

Common applications for self-contained compactors:

  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Casinos
  • Malls
  • Food distribution centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Food processing plants
  • Airports
  • College and University cafeteria locations
  • Apartment complexes
  • Meat packing facilities
  • And nursing homes

Waste Generated:

  • Combination of wet and dry waste
  • Mixed bagged trash
  • General rubbish
  • And material of small particle size that cannot be allowed to escape to the outside


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