EPS Densifier Cuts Labor and Disposal Costs for Best Buy

Last year,  Best Buy handled 3.5 million pounds of expanded polystyrene packaging, or EPS.Because it’s bad for the environment – and also extremely  expensive – to dump some 1,750 tons of EPS into landfills, Best Buy began using hot‐melt densifiers to compact the foam into recyclable blocks.

Public Water Utility Potable Water Case Study

Public water utility potable water treatment facility needed immediate solution for issues of high liquid transport, solidification & disposal costs due to a backlog of material.

Axle Rebuilding Plant Case Study

This axle rebuilding facility generates approximately 2 drums per day of grinding swarf mixed with cool an oil/water based coolant. This material, because it contains a large quantity of liquid, needed to be disposed of as a “special” waste at the rate of $400.00 per drum.

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