Case Studies

Pallet Destruction with Sebright Products 7460-2-6 Compactor and Spring Loaded Retainer System

Application Pallet Destruction Wood Pallets Standard Size wood pallets 320 pallets Solution: Minimized Spillage At 1,800 psi Sebright Products Model 7460-2-6 Compactor packed 320 standard size pallets into triple taper 40 yd container. Total of 4.97 Tons compacted Minimized spillage to less than 2lbs of debris with the spring loaded retainer system Zero spillage during […]

Public Water Utility Potable Water Case Study

Public water utility potable water treatment facility needed immediate solution for issues of high liquid transport, solidification & disposal costs due to a backlog of material.

Axle Rebuilding Plant Case Study

This axle rebuilding facility generates approximately 2 drums per day of grinding swarf mixed with cool an oil/water based coolant. This material, because it contains a large quantity of liquid, needed to be disposed of as a “special” waste at the rate of $400.00 per drum.

Paper Mill Recycling Case Study

This mill manufactured paper products from Old Corrugated Containers (OCC). OCC rejects are the plastic, steel, tape and other non-fibrous, non-recyclable material that is a contaminant to the manufacturing process. This waste stream also includes a percentage of wet-strength and paper fiber that is rejected from the process as well.

Yogurt Plant Case Study

Because of increasingly stringent Federal regulations, the large volume of wet waste was becoming an issue for the local landfill which this plant used, causing the landfill to refuse loads containing too much free liquid. In order to remedy the problem, in November 1995 this yogurt plant installed a Sebright Products Model 4030X High Density Extruder to process their wet waste.

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